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The More Homes Built Faster Act (Bill 23) has been introduced in the name of solving the housing affordability crisis. It will not succeed in that regard, and it will come at a great cost to residents. This Bill was introduced without consultation, and the post facto consultations planned do not include a hearing in Ottawa, the second largest city in Ontario. 

Bill 23, along with the broader slew of other recent regulatory changes imposed upon municipalities by the province, are a gift to the development industry. A gift that has negative implications for Ottawa ratepayers, for the provision of truly affordable housing, for the fight against climate change, and for democratic input into local planning decisions. You can read Councillors Menard and Troster's open letter to the province opposing Bill 23 below.

Open Letter Opposing Bill 23


Bill 23 has caused concern across many sectors of our city and civil society; this has seen a wide variety of groups to speak out against this legislation. Seldom have we seen such a broad swath of our city united in opposition to provincial legislation. It is worth reviewing the concerns raised from different vantage points.

Perhaps the most comprehensive analysis and rejection of Bill 23 comes from the City of Ottawa's planning department. A good summary of the city's concerns can be found here. Full copy of comments can be found below.

City of Ottawa Comments on Bill 23

Appendix A – Comments on Impact of Proposed Changes can be found here, and Appendix B – Detailed Housing Supply comments can be found here.

The City's financial department has released this memo detailing the financial impact on the city of Bill 23 here 

ACORN's Ontario Chapters have come out against this Bill as an attack on the low income renters that they represent. You can read their analysis and take action using their email tool here.

Ecology Ottawa is strongly opposed the Bill and have put together a helpful guide to "why - and how - we should say no to Bill 23". You can take action by using their email tool to write to MPPs here.

Environmental Defence has also come out against the Bill. Read their rationale and voice your concerns using their email tool here.

Capital Ward Community Associations are also raising the alarm about Bill 23.

Old Ottawa South Community Association's Comments on Bill 23 

Old Ottawa East Community Association's Comments on Bill 23 

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