Save The People’s Park

The Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) is a proposed four-lane freeway running northwest from Walkley Avenue near Conroy Road in Alta Vista to the Nicholas on-ramp in Old Ottawa East. The AVTC would run through the well-used green space beside Springhurst Park between the Rideau River and Lees Avenue, sometimes referred to as the People’s Park. 

The AVTC was first proposed more than half a century ago. Since then, the city has declared a climate emergency, built light rail crossing the river in Old Ottawa East, and recognized the importance of park space for healthy and vibrant communities.  In the coming year, city staff will be working to update Ottawa’s Transportation Master Plan (last updated in 2013). As part of this update, we want to see the People’s Park saved permanently, and ensure the proposed AVTC is not built through loved greenspace in Old Ottawa East.


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I call on Ottawa City Council to remove the portion of the AVTC planned in Old Ottawa East


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