Take action to stop Bill 23

Bill 23 was passed into law on Monday, November 28th (learn more about the Bill here). There is still time to register dissent against this Bill.  That's why we're making it easy for folks to call, and to speak to or to leave messages with provincial legislators, letting them know that passing this Bill is a mistake!

  • Fill in the form on this page, your phone will be called, and you will be connected to provincial politicians
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Formulate your own message, or feel free to use the sample script below.

If you are told by a staffer that you should call a different number for this matter, ask them to instead deliver your message. That is their job.

Sample Script

*If speaking to someone in the legislator's office ask them to speak to the legislator directly; if unavailable ask them to take down your message and deliver it later. You can also leave a voicemail.

Hi, my name is _________ and I'm calling you today to let you know that I oppose Bill 23, and want the government to rescind it.

The More Homes Built Faster Act (Bill 23) will not solve the housing affordability crisis. It will only enrich the real estate development industry at the expense of quality of life, of the climate and the environment, of local democracy, and of municipal ratepayers.

Local governments, environmental groups, local community associations, and advocacy groups across the municipal spectrum have raised the alarm about the negative implications of this Bill. Despite the suggestion that these negative implications are necessary to make housing affordable, affordable housing advocates like ACORN and the Alliance to End Homelessness agree that this Bill will not help, and that it will instead contribute to the housing and homelessness emergency. 

Reducing the fees that municipalities can collect from developers is a de facto tax cut for the development industry. Ontario residents will either have to cover the cost of these revenue shortfalls through regressive property tax increases, or we will have to live with inadequate infrastructure, services and amenities. 

Why is the government displacing the financial burden of growth from developers onto residents?

Why are profitable corporate developers not expected to contribute their fair share towards accommodating the intensification they create and profit from? 

Why are residents being asked to pay to accommodate already profitable real estate industry investments?

The answer to the affordable housing crisis is not tax cuts, deregulation, or any other free market solution. If the government is looking for answers to this crisis, here are some suggestions: 

  • Take profits out of the equation and seriously invest in non-market housing options, including public, co-op, and other not-for-profit housing; 
  • Introduce real rent control to rein in endless real dollar rent increases; 
  • End legislated poverty by raising OW/ODSP rates. This puts money in the hands of the housing insecure, instead of in the pockets of those who profit from that insecurity; 
  • Increase funding for rent supplements and rent banks; 
  • Introduce better protections for existing affordable rental stock, and a plan to bring this stock under public ownership when it goes on the market; 
  • Tackle the problem of super-charged demand by disincentivizing and otherwise addressing speculatory and other profit-driven real estate investment activities; 

Not rescinding this Bill and moving forward on the priorities above tells me that this government is not concerned about making life more affordable for anyone other than the development industry. 


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