Have Your Say on Public Health

No photo description available.The Ministry of Health is looking for input on modernizing #PublicHealth in Ontario. Ottawa Public Health has launched an online tool to hear from Ottawa residents.

This is an important opportunity to communicate that the Ford government's cuts to public health / healthcare are unacceptable!

Click here to share your thoughts: https://engage.ottawa.ca/publichealth

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BudgetSpeak 2020: As We Heard It

On Tuesday, November 5, Councillors Leiper, McKenney, King, Fleury, and Menard welcomed a record number of participants for the annual BudgetSpeak event. We rely on this event to get valuable feedback from residents of the urban wards about what their budget priorities are, so the councillors can best advocate on their behalf during the budget process.

Download the PDF version of the report here.

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Capital Ward Bulletin - November 28th

Public Consultation: Bank Street Transportation

It's time to consider the future of transportation along Bank Street. How can Bank Street best support sustainable transportation in Ottawa? Come out and join in the community discussion.

December 18, 2019 at 7pm - 8:30pm

OOS Firehall, 260 Sunnyside Ave

RSVP here

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Rental Accommodations Study Update // Des nouvelles sur l’Étude sur les logements locatifs

La version française suit

The City staff report on the Rental Accommodations Study was voted on and approved last week (on Friday, November 15th) at the Community and Protective Services Committee. The staff report can be viewed here. The specific recommendations for long term-rentals can be found here, and for short-term rentals (e.g. AirBnB) here. The summary of the votes at the meeting can be viewed here. The Recommendations included a proposal for a registration regime to better regulate AirBnBs, something our office supported, and something that we had committed to fight for during the 2018 election campaign. Now that the recommendations have passed committee they will go to City Council for a final vote on November 27th.

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Capital Ward Bulletin - November 18th

It’s snowy and the days are getting shorter...but the work keeps on going on at City Hall. We’ve got the budget, LRT, snow clearing and Lansdowne keeping us busy, these days.

Lansdowne Park Update

In the last newsletter, I wrote about some proposed changes for Lansdowne Park. This proposal would have given authority to city staff to strike a deal to hand over control of operation, rent control and programming of the “city side” of the park to OSEG.

Well, you all stepped up. Hundreds came to a community organized public consultation, opposing this move. Residents wrote to Councillors and the mayor. They showed up a rally we held before the Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) meeting, and then they came in and gave thoughtful, passionate delegations in defense of public space.

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Capital Ward Bulletin - October 31st, 2019

Happy Hallowe’en!

I love Hallowe’en...and not just because I love candy. It’s one of those times when residents come together and take over the neighbourhood, in the spirit of community and festivity. I love seeing all the kids out in their costumes, excitedly running from door to door.

I hope everyone has a good night tonight, and a safe and fun Hallowe’en.

Tonight may be about trick-or-treating, but there’s still other things we need to talk about.

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Protect Lansdowne Park Rally and Petition

The recent proposal from City staff to transfer operations, programming and city control of the remaining public space at Lansdowne. This is one more step towards privatization of this great public asset. Like many residents, I am very concerned about this proposal and the manner it is being rushed through City Hall.  

I have some concerns about this proposal and the current process being rushed through FEDCO and city council. 

Before the city enters into negotiations with the intent of relinquishing the control of the park, the problem statement should be clear, the public deserves to be consulted on a new vision for Lansdowne, and we deserve some answers. 

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City Looks to Give Away Full Control of Lansdowne Park to For-Profit Partners

For Immediate Release

October 25, 2019
Updated November 4, 2019


Ottawa—In a staff report coming to the Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) on November 5th, 2019, the city is seeking to direct staff  to strike a deal with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) to transfer operations, programming and city control of half of the site over to OSEG. This would mean Aberdeen Pavilion, Aberdeen Square, the Horticulture Building, the Great Lawn and other areas of Lansdowne would be transferred in a commercialization of the remaining public space at Lansdowne. No business plan has been presented for such a move. No vendors who rent the space have been informed and zero public consultation has taken place. 

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Upcoming Meetings about the Future of Lansdowne Park (Updated Location) and the 2020 Budget

It’s a busy time in the city and in Capital Ward, and there are a couple of important public meetings coming up that I’d like you to know about: 

Changing the Deal at Lansdowne? 

At the Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) meeting on November 5, the committee will receive a report in which city staff seek permission to negotiate a deal with OSEG to hand over control of operations and programming of the entire site to OSEG.

This is a significant change that could have serious detrimental impacts to our ward and our city. The city should be serving residents and the community rather than for-profit private sector entities.

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Capital Ward Bulletin - October 17th

We’re a month into fall. Schools back. The leaves are changing. And things are really picking up at City Hall. Much of the work this Fall will be around the city budget, which will be finalized in December. Other important topics will include Lansdowne Park, Springhurst Park and re-deisgning Bank Street south of Riverside Drive.

Budget Consultations

I’ll be taking part in two public consultations to discuss the 2020 City Budget, which is like to invite to:

Ottawa South councillors (Capital Ward actually stretches out to Walkley Road) will be gathering for a consultation at the Jim Durrell Centre on Tuesday October 22. Doors open at 5:45 pm and the presentation begins at 6:00, with a Question & Answer session following.

Then on Tuesday November 5, the five urban councillors will be hosting Budget Speak in Jean Pigott Hall at City Hall from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

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