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Capital Ward Bulletin: LRT Accountability, Panda Game and Tree-Planting

There are a lot of big issues at City Hall, and it can often seem daunting. Change comes slowly, but it can come. For the past couple of years, we’d been working with city staff and the owners of the vacant West Coast Video building to try to get it torn down so that it can be re-developed. It was a lot of work to get that done, but, in the end, it is a great result for the city.

I share this, because I know how much work residents and community associations put in to making our ward and our city better, and it can be hard to see that work pay off. But we know that it can pay off, and we’ll keep working with you and supporting our communities to keep improving our city. 

Capital Ward Bulletin: West Coast Video Update, and Public Meetings for the Civic Hospital, the New Official Plan, Local Developments…and More

We’re halfway through September now, and the activity at City Hall is back in full swing...virtually. We have a lot of important meetings coming up, public consultations on developments in Dow’s Lake and Old Ottawa East, and other community updates.

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