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Capital Ward Bulletin: Trees, Transportation and New Attractions at Lansdowne

Brewer Park and Arena

Recently there was an erroneous news report regarding Brewer Arena. Brewer Arena had been converted to a COVID-19 testing site at the outset of the pandemic. Presently, Brewer Arena is returning to its regular usage. The city has re-started the rink, and we expect ice use to resume this month. Public Pool use returned earlier this year.

The testing centre and testing kit distribution is continuing at a trailer in the Brewer Academy parking. This should not have an impact on the arena or the pool, and we look forward to having the arena back in full operation imminently. 

Capital Ward Bulletin: Good News for Capital Ward!

This summer and fall, residents can expect a lot of new projects taking shape in our ward. This is a result of collaboration amongst residents, community associations, city staff and our office. Thank you for all you have done to deliver on these accomplishments.

Capital Ward Bulletin: New Parks, Construction Updates and a Decision on Lansdowne 2.0

Council Approves Next Steps on Lansdowne 2.0

Last week, city council approved the business and financial plan, and $332.6M in debt authority regarding the re-development of Lansdowne Park. This comes less than ten years after the last multi-million-dollar re-development of Lansdowne was completed. Unfortunately, it was approved without public consultation, despite explicit direction from council in July 2021.

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