Who is Shawn Menard?

Shawn is a passionate civic organizer, currently serving as the Public School Board Trustee for Capital Ward with a track record of voting against school closures and keeping neighbourhood schools accessible.

He was born and raised in Ottawa and has lived in Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South with his partner and young son.

Shawn is an ardent progressive who has always brought people together and formed broad based coalitions to improve the lives of people in Ottawa.

Shawn with Supporters

What was the moment I decided to run?

After the chair of our environment committee and current councillor for Capital Ward voted to put plastic bags in the green bin and then voted against Catherine McKenny’s motion to reallocate money to staffing for Energy Evolution, I knew I needed to run. Irreversible climate change is the greatest threat our city faces. Capital ward deserves a councillor that puts real environmental solutions forward.

Top 3 Policy Issues?

  • Implementing real checks, balances and controls on developer power in Ottawa
  • Working towards free public transit in Ottawa with an immediate halving of the average transit fare and U-Pass costs
  • Banning single use plastics in Ottawa