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Community Improvements:

Capital Ward is made up of great communities and vibrant neighbourhoods. One of my priorities is to support and enhance the great livability of our communities. Together, we have been able to make significant improvements to our ward and our city:

  • Return of a boarded hockey rink to Mutchmor.
  • Increased investment in Affordable Housing in Budget 2019  
  • Improvements to Lansdowne Park: after our release of a new vision, car traffic was restricted between Aberdeen Square and Aberdeen Pavilion, and new seating areas and proper shading to be added to the square.
  • Adding more bike racks on Bank Street, and replacing broken ones.
  • Fare freeze for the equipass and transit fares until LRT launch.


Increased Safety on our Streets:

I am dedicated to making Capital Ward the safest ward in the city. Collaborating with community members and city staff, we have made great strides in achieving that goal:

  • Approval of 30km/hr Gateway Speed Zones in the Glebe and Old Ottawa South.
  • Design and approval for a Pedestrian Crossover at Seneca Street and Colonel By Drive.
  • Implementation of a new crosswalk on Lycée Place, connecting Lycée Claudel d’Ottawa to the Lycée Claudel Transitway Station. The community has been asking for this for years, and they brought it to our attention earlier this year. At my office’s request, a new pedestrian crossing was designed and implemented in time for the new school year.  
  • The introduction of two new crossing guards in our ward, one at Bank and Fifth which had been advocated for years with nothing being done.
  • Removing some beg buttons in Old Ottawa South.
  • Improvements to Bronson Avenue, including more traffic calming, reduced speed limits, and improved pedestrian facilities and crosswalk light timing.
  • Supported the implementation of Vision Zero to create safer streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.
  • Addressing "missing links" in the bicycle network in upcoming plans for the redevelopment of the Greenfield-Main-Hawthorne and the Isabella-Chamberlain-Catherine corridors.
  • Current implementation of safe bicycle infrastructure on Heron Road.


Enhanced Public Engagement:

As your city councillor, I want to hear from you. Our ward is full of thoughtful, engaged residents who are working hard to improve our local communities, as well as the entire city. To help keep that work going, I have implemented a variety of ways that we can work together:

  • Holding a snow clearing forum and having the city commit to re-doing the maintenance quality standards
  • Assembled a Lansdowne Park Working Group.
  • Ensuring city staff held a consultation on the rehabilitation of Bronson Ave as the status quo is not acceptable  
  • Organized urban wards session on the Official Plan  
  • Revived our dormant Ward Council 


Improving City Governance & Operations:

It is the duty of city councillors to ensure that the city is running properly and efficiently. I take this responsibility seriously, working with other councillors and city staff to bring improvements to way the city operates:

  • Brought forward a Climate Change Emergency Motion with concrete actions, and led its passage through city council. 
  • Changed the representation at Property Standards Licensing and Appeals Committee (PSLAC) to strengthen provisions for tenant standing on appeals. 
  • Added the issue of vacant and derelict buildings to the bylaw review, with a permit system to be considered.
  • Passed a motion at the Board of Health to push for ambitious improvements to the new Official Plan.
  • Provided direction to city staff to negotiate higher accessibility surcharges on Private Transportation Companies.
  • Provided direction to city staff to find ways to better support our city's accessible taxi services.
  • Proposed minor amendments to Vehicle-for-Hire by-law to make it work better for residents, workers and the city.
  • Implemented new regulations that will see the number of Predatory Pay Day lenders in Ottawa shrink dramatically over time.


Together, we can keep this list growing. None of these achievements are possible without an engaged constituency pushing us, and the City, to make the transformative changes we need make Ottawa a more healthy, beautiful and compassionate place.

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