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Heron Park Community Building Public Consultation

We need your thoughts to help shape the new Heron Park Community Building. Join us on Thursday, March 24th to hear our ideas and share what you'd like to make use of in the new community building.

Development Consultation: Riverside & Bank

Development Consultation: Riverside & Bank

This will be the second consultation on the proposed development. Community members will be presented with the changes made to the proposal since the last consultation, and be given an opportunity to provide further feedback. From the new submission:

The proposal is for a mixed-use development consisting of two high-rise buildings and a privately owned public space...

The buildings will consist of a podium and tower configuration, with the north building (29 storeys) containing only residential uses and the south building (27 storeys) containing non-residential uses on the ground floor with residential uses above. Parking will be located primarily below grade with a two-level garage that serves both buildings. The northeast corner of the site will contain an urban plaza framed by the Bank and Riverside westbound (WB) intersection, and this is intended to function as a privately owned public space.

The full application and all related documents can be found here.

Ottawa Hospital Phase 1 Parking Garage info session

Ottawa Hospital Phase 1 Parking Garage info session

Join staff for an info session on the new Ottawa Hospital Phase 1 Parking Garage

South End Budget Consultation

South End Budget Consultation

Join Councillors Diane Deans, Riley Brockington, Shawn Menard and Jean Cloutier for a public consultation on the 2022 Draft Budget.


Greystone Phase 3

Greystone Phase 3

We will be hosting a public consultation on October 13th from 7-8:30pm to discuss phase III of the Greystone development Site Plan Control Application. The proposed development is comprised of two seven-storey residential buildings with a total of 260 units, a private courtyard area with an elevated footbridge connection to the river, and an underground garage with a total of 266 vehicular spaces and 260 bicycle parking spaces.  The meeting will provide a chance to review a number of questions that have been raised by the community, including traffic circulation, unit count, and public space. Detailed documentation for phase III is available at: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D07-12-21-0111/details.

774 Bronson Public Consultation

774 Bronson Public Consultation

Public Consultation for development at 774 Bronson 

La version française suit.

The City of Ottawa will be developing a new park at 635 O'Connor Street. The new park will include accessible benches, a picnic and games table, pathway, shade pergola, trash receptacles, new tree planting and climbing trellis screen.

Residents are invited to participate in a Community Consultation via ZOOM to review the park concept plan options on Monday, June 28 from 6:00 to 7:00PM.

Options will be posted on line after the meeting for review and comments. Comments period will close July 7, 2021.

ZOOM Meeting
Link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84396171570

La Ville d’Ottawa procèdera à l’aménagement d’un nouveau parc au 635, rue O’Connor. Ce nouveau parc comportera des bancs accessibles, une table de jeu et de pique-nique, un sentier, une pergola, des poubelles, de nouveaux arbres et un treillis pour plantes grimpantes.

Nous invitons les résidentes et résidents à une consultation communautaire tenue sur ZOOM le lundi 28 juin, de 18 h à 19 h, pour passer en revue les différentes options d’aménagement du parc.

Après cette réunion, les options proposées seront présentées en ligne aux fins d’examen et de commentaires. Les personnes intéressées auront jusqu’au 7 juillet 2021 pour soumettre leurs commentaires.

Réunion sur ZOOM
Lien : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84396171570

Renters - New Official Plan Consultation

Renters - New Official Plan Consultation

The City is undertaking a review of the Official Plan, a planning document that guides and regulates development through an overarching policy framework. The new OP will provide a vision for growth through 2046 and will have impacts on issues from housing to mobility.

On June 3, Councillors in the urban area will hold a public meeting for residents living in rental housing to learn more about the new OP and provide feedback. If you are interested in joining the discussion, you can let us know here, but you must also register for this event with the city directly:


Community Care Calls

Our office is pro-actively reaching out to residents to check in on them, and to ensure they are connected to the available information and supports they need. It's a difficult time for so many of our neighbours, and just hearing from someone in itself can be a comfort.

We could use your help checking in on our neighbours.

These weekly phonebanks are an opportunity for several of us to make calls together online. We will be bale to check in with each other between calls over zoom and otherwise be able to digitally work side by side.

If you'd like to assist, please RSVP here. Once RSVPed you will receive instructions. You will also receive a zoom link.

These calls are meant to:

  • Generally check-in with community members
  • Ask how people are doing, and whether there's anything they need help with.
  • Ensure folks have the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 and vaccine rollout, and are aware how to get their vaccine if they have not already.
Alta Vista—Capital—Somerset Bicycling Network Online Consultation

Alta Vista—Capital—Somerset Bicycling Network Online Consultation

Let’s make our city a better place to ride a bike.

Join councillors Jean Cloutier (Alta Vista Ward), Shawn Menard (Capital Ward) and Catherine McKenney (Somerset Ward) for a discussion of how we can improve bicycling infrastructure for the residents of Ottawa.

The meeting will be led by city transportation staff as part of their work updating the city’s Active Transportation Plan.

We want to make bicycling safer and easier for all residents, so tell us what routes need infrastructure, what missing links need to be fixed and what sort of facilities will help you get to your destinations safely and comfortably.

The online meeting will be held using Zoom.

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