Capital Ward Bulletin: Spring 2022 Community Update

Upcoming Consultations

In the coming weeks, our office will be hosting a number of public consultations. Please consider this an invitation to participate in any that interest you:

Clover Street Contraflow Lane, Wednesday April 20: We will be holding an online consultation on a proposed contraflow bicycle lane on Clover Street.

Town Hall on Developer Influence, Thursday April 28: Join us for a virtual town hall on developer influence in Ottawa, moderated by Laine Johnson, and featuring Somerset Ward Councillor Catherine McKenney and Horizon Ottawa member Chris Lee.

Bronson Avenue Re-Design Consultation, Wednesday May 4: We will be discussing how residents would like to see Bronson Avenue re-designed, when it comes up for re-construciton in a few years.

Older Adult Forum, Thursday May 19: As the community ages, we need to ensure that our city is built for older residents. Join us to talk about how the city can meet the needs of older adults.

A list of all upcoming consultations can be found on our Events page.

Bus Stop Improvement Program

Each year, OC Transpo has the opportunity to improve a limited number of bus stops across the city. This year, the bus stop on Heron Road westbound, just west of Data Centre Road, has been selected to receive a new shelter, shelter pad and landing pad. These improvements should be implemented before the end of the year.

New Vacant Unit Tax

Housing unaffordability is an ever-growing problem, pricing residents out of their communities, and leading to higher taxes at every level of government. Ottawa’s new Vacant Unit Tax will help address these issues. Read my note on the new tax here.

Infrastructure Projects

There are many important infrastructure projects going on in Capital Ward these days, including Brewer Park, Bronson Avenue, and the Colonel By and Main Street intersection. For a full list of current infrastructure projects in the ward, including project updates, click here [PDF].

Fourth Ave Safe School Zone Update

Last year, the block of Fourth Avenue between Mutchmor and Corpus Christi was selected for the city’s Safe School Zone project. After public consultations, a new, safer design has been created for Fourth Avenue, which will include:

  • Two speed humps
  • One raised crosswalk and pedestrian crossover

Construction is scheduled for this year and should be completed this fall, though we’ve asked staff to try to get it done before the return to school in September.

Bronson and Sunnyside Update

The intersection of Bronson and Sunnyside is currently being re-built to provide increased safety to vulnerable road users and accommodate increased traffic at Carleton University. Work will start up again in May. There will be mill-and-pave operations on Bronson and Sunnyside in the spring/early summer. Finishing touches will follow, including implementing traffic signs and green thermoplastic road markings.

Queensway Construction Update

We have received an update on the Ministry of Transportation on work taking place in 2022 as part of the Midtown Bridge Replacement project, including construction information, and lane, ramp and street closures. To see the update, please visit our website.

Consultations on the Deschâtelets Community Center and Forecourt Park

The city will be hosting three online, bilingual consultation sessions for the Deschâtelets Community Center/Gym and Forecourt Park at the end of April. The dates for the sessions are:

  • Tuesday April 26, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday April 27, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Thursday April 28, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Participants can register and submit questions in advance through Engage Ottawa. There will be a short presentation and ample time for discussion on each topic, as well as the fire lane and vehicle access in front of the Deschâtelets buildings. We know that interest from the community is high, and hope that many of you will be able to join to raise concerns and share your knowledge. There will also be a survey sent out after each session, and a chance to raise questions that haven’t been addressed.

299 Carling Park Consultation

Canada Lands Corporation invites residents to provide comments about the planned park for their development at 299 Carling Avenue.

The park will include:

  • Clear views of the open space
  • Universal accessibility
  • Active and passive features
  • Spaces for seating and play
  • A minimum 30% tree canopy

You can view the park plan and provide input on their online platform.

Soil Cell Project on Bank

The city is planning to install soil cells to support eight trees between Wilton Crescent and Marche Way on the east side of Bank Street, and another two trees on Glebe Avenue west of Bank Street by the Shopper’s Drug Mart.

It’s difficult to sustain heathy trees along Bank Street due to compaction, obstruction, salt use and other variables. Soil cell technology is a new approach for the city, which allows larger trees to grow by reducing compaction and providing stormwater management. Staff will be drilling boreholes in these locations to get utility locations in April, and then will be completing the detailed design, with planting scheduled for 2023.

Household Hazardous Waste Depots

The city has announced the dates and locations for this year’s Household Hazardous Waste Depots:

  • Sunday April 24, Tunney’s Pasture (follow signage)
  • Saturday May 7, Rideau Carleton Raceway, Hard Rock Casino, 4837 Albion Road South
  • Sunday June 26, Canadian Tire Centre, 200 Cyclone Taylor Blvd.
  • Sunday July 10, Conroy Snow Dump, 3100 Conroy Road
  • Sunday August 7, Mer Bleu Snow Dump, 2170 Mer Bleue Road
  • Sunday August 28, Trail Waste Facility, 4475 Trail Road
  • Sunday September 11, Tunney’s Pasture (follow signage)
  • Sunday October 2, Michael Street Snow Dump, 1465 Michael Street
  • Sunday October 23, Westbrook Snow Dump, 200 Westbrook Road

At these depots, the city will accept aerosol containers, propane cylinders, fluorescent bulbs/tubes, pharmaceuticals and more. For a full list of items and for more information on hazardous waste depots, visit the city’s website.

Last summer, Councillor McKenney and I hosted a drop-off at City Hall for residents in central neighbourhoods who aren’t able to drive to one of the designated city sites. We continue to work with staff to find a way to provide this vital service to central neighbourhoods.

Old Ottawa South Spring Program

Registration for OSCA's Spring Programs is officially open. They are offering a wider variety of programs for everyone. Click here for the program guide, and click here to register.

Food Insecurity in Canadian Prisons

Residents are invited to the virtual panel discussion Eating Inside: Food Insecurity in Canadian Prisons, tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, to discuss the quantity and quality of food inside Canadian prisons, including the small portions, horrible quality and lack of variety according to Canada’s food guide.

The discussion is hosted by Books 2 Prisoners Ottawa, an organization that sends free donated books to prisoners across the country and engages in social justice activism for prisoners’ rights. For more information, click here.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Capital Ward

We are pleased to announce that the two new EV charging stations in the Glebe Garage are now available for use. Currently, the charging station are at several city parking facilities and at on-street parking spots.  

Ottawa Cohousing

Have you dreamed of a home that has closer connection to neighbors and a more supportive environment?  Cohousing may be a good fit for you.

Ottawa Cohousing provides the expertise for like-minded people to build new homes and cohouse communities together in Ottawa. Their focus is on developing communities within the urban boundary of Ottawa efficiently, cost effectively and with environmental integrity.

Learn more at, or contact them at [email protected].

Community Police Constables

Capital Ward has two community police constables covering our ward. For Riverside Drive and Heron Park, the community police constable is Marcus Cibischino. ([email protected]). For the rest of the ward, the community police constable is Mohamed A Islam ([email protected]).

Your Capital Ward

Photo by Caroline Warburton

If you have a photo you’d like to share in an upcoming bulletin, please send it to [email protected], with the subject line Your Capital Ward. Please give us your name for attribution…or tell us if you’d rather not have your name shared.

Nominations are now being accepted for the annual Bruce Timmermans Cycling Awards

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for promoting cycling in our city? The City of Ottawa is once again accepting nominations for the Bruce Timmermans cycling awards! Two awards will be presented in June to recognize outstanding contributions to cycling in Ottawa.

EnviroCentre is coordinating the 2021 awards. All nominations are treated as confidential, the deadline for submissions is April 30.  Click here to nominate an individual or organization you believe deserves recognition! 


Since January, Ottawa has seen all sorts of weather—everything from a record snowfall, prolonged freezing rain, temperatures above zero, rain, flash freeze and then more snow. We know this winter season will wreak havoc on our roads, sidewalks and winter cycling network as the freeze / thaw cycles take hold this month, bringing with it an increased number of potholes. We are on the job and ready!  

How are Potholes Formed?

Potholes are formed when water (from rain or melted snow and ice) seeps into small cracks or holes in the road. As temperatures drop, the water under the road freezes and expands pushing up on the road above, creating larger cracks – when the temperature rises above zero, the water evaporates and leaves an open space under the road. The weight of cars and trucks travelling over these weak spots breaks the asphalt, resulting in potholes. 

How do we Repair Potholes?

Potholes are filled by cleaning the hole of debris and water, then packing it with asphalt and rolling or pounding it down. At this time of year, some potholes in high traffic areas may need to be refilled more than once. This happens because water works its way back into the hole preventing the asphalt from forming an adhesive bond with the pavement.

For residents wishing to report a pothole, please create a Service Request online.

Integrated Renewal: Monk, Oakland, Wilton Cres, Wilton Lane, Woodlawn, Ernie Brady, and Tackaberry

The aging combined sewers and watermains in Oakland Avenue, Wilton Lane, Wilton Crescent, Woodlawn Avenue, Monk Street and across Brown’s Inlet are approximately 100 years old. They require replacement due to poor condition and lead water services. Full road reconstruction including curbs and sidewalks will be included as well as water and sewer services to the property line. Also, Ernie Brady and Tackaberry Lanes will be repaved. Traffic calming/cycling/pedestrian measures throughout the project area are proposed and currently being evaluated for feasibility.

The design process has recently started. The design process will continue over the next several months, including public consultation on options and designs, field investigations for verification as needed, and both preliminary and detailed design. More information will be provided through an additional notice distributed to your home or business, including an invitation to participate in public consultation as soon as the schedule is confirmed. The construction phase of the project is tentatively scheduled to start in spring 2023, subject to funding availability.

In early April 2022, the city will undertake some field investigations including geotechnical drilling, CCTV of sewers, catch basin inspections and land surveying. This work is required to support the design of the road, watermain and sewer replacement. Temporary (1-2 days) “no parking” zones may be required in certain locations to enable the work to take place. Signs will be installed at least 24 hours in advance if these “no parking” zones are required, once the exact location of the work is finalized.

Albert, Slater and Bronson Closures to Begin Week of April 11

Beginning the week of Monday, April 11, the following streets will have ongoing lane closures or reductions until November 2022 for work as part of the Albert/Queen/Slater/Bronson reconstruction project:

  • Albert Street, between Bay Street and Bronson Avenue, will be reduced to one multi-purpose lane
  • Slater Street, between Bronson Avenue and Bay Street, will be reduced to one multi-purpose lane
  • Bronson Avenue, between Laurier Avenue and Albert Street, will be reduced to one northbound multi-purpose lane
  • Commissioner Street, between Albert and Slater streets, will be reduced to one southbound lane. The cycle track will remain open.

Pedestrians, Cyclists and OC Transpo

Pedestrian, cyclist and transit access will be maintained, and residents are encouraged to watch for signage and visit for transit service impacts.

Parking and Local Access

As the various road reconstruction activities are in progress, on-street parking will be restricted. Local access will be maintained to residents, business owners and emergency vehicles.

Stay Informed!

Stay Informed on Traffic Updates

It’s hard to know whether the information you’re getting these days is up to date because of how fast information travels and changes. There is currently a lot of exciting work happening across the city that can impact traffic and let’s face it, it will only get busier when construction season ramps up this spring.

Stay informed!

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Vehicles

Typically, electric vehicles cost up to 75 per cent less to drive than gas cars, saving drivers $1,500-$2,000 a year. Rising gas prices mean electric vehicle drivers are saving even more. But what is it like to drive an electric vehicle? How and where do you charge it and how far can it go? What cars are available right now? What about winter? Find out all the answers to these questions and more with Raymond Leury, President of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

Tuesday, April 19 (French session)
Tuesday April 26 (English session)
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Register for the French session.
Register for the English session.

Say Yes to Less—How Reducing Waste Helps Fight Climate Change

The more we buy, the more we waste. The more we waste, the more greenhouse gas emissions we create. Let us take you on a journey from extraction, manufacturing and transportation of goods to their end-of-lifecycle management. Together, we will explore better, climate friendly paths – leading from over-consumption to more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Thursday, April 21
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Register now

Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program and Home Energy Retrofits

In November 2021, the City launched the Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program. This pilot program allowed homeowners to access loans directly from the City to cover the cost of home energy improvements. Join us to learn more about the success of the pilot program and hear from some Ottawa homeowners who have been through the application process and are implementing their home energy retrofits.

Thursday, April 28
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Register now

Fourth dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Now Available to Residents 60 and Older

Starting April 7 at 8 am, individuals aged 60 and older are eligible to book a fourth dose (booster) appointment if the recommended interval of five months (140 days) has passed since their third dose. First Nation, Inuit and Métis individuals and their household members aged 18 and over are also eligible.

The goal of this expanded eligibility is to provide individuals at higher-risk of illness from COVID-19 with an extra layer of protection. This follows recent guidance from the National Advisory Council on Immunization, and aligns with the provincial announcement on expanded fourth dose eligibility.

Older adults are at greater risk of severe disease, complications, and hospitalizations from COVID-19. With the current surge of COVID-19 in Ottawa and across the province, Ottawa Public Health highly recommends all eligible adults receive a fourth dose as soon as possible.

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria can book their fourth dose through the COVID-19 vaccination portal, by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900 or by checking local pharmacies to find locations that provide fourth doses near you. Residents are encouraged to make an appointment as drop-in availability will be limited at community vaccine clinics. Some primary care physicians are also providing booster doses.

It’s not too late if you still need your first, second, or third dose. Ottawa Public Health encourages all residents to get vaccinated as soon as they can, and to receive further doses as soon as they are eligible to ensure maximum protection against COVID-19.

Ottawa Public Health has offered fourth doses of the COVID-19 vaccine since December 2021 to high-risk populations including older adults in long-term care homes, retirement homes, and other congregate care settings. These fourth doses have helped to prevent serious disease, complications, hospitalizations and death during the Omicron wave.

To reduce transmission of COVID-19, Ottawa Public Health continues to highly recommend individuals wear a mask indoors especially when physical distancing may not be possible or proves to be challenging in crowded areas. If you become unwell or have any symptoms, stay home. Do not go to work or school when you are sick and have a plan in the event you or someone in your household need to isolate.

Visit to learn more about COVID-19, how you can protect yourself and others and what to do if you suspect you may be infected with the virus. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Need to Fundraise? Support your Community and Local Waterways by Holding a Rain Barrel Sale!

Looking for an easy and successful fundraising program? Host a rain barrel sale!

  • Minimal organization required to host the fundraiser
  • No financial investment or inventory requirements
  • Raise funds ($10 for every barrel sold plus more for attachments)
  • Get support from Rain Ready Ottawa (Facebook ads and other promotion)
  • Do good by helping your community make nature-friendly choices

Rain Ready Ottawa is supporting local community groups raise funds through the sale of rain barrels. Rain barrels can help you save on your water bill by storing rainwater to be reused for your lawn or gardens.

Rain Ready Ottawa is a home-grown City of Ottawa program that helps residents choose nature-friendly rainwater management choices on private property.  

Register as a partner with and you will have support from start to finish. You will receive a step-by-step fundraising guide, a customized webpage for your sale and earn $10 or more for each rain barrel sold! partners with organizations and community groups throughout Canada to offer easy and profitable fundraising opportunities. Rain Ready Ottawa can also help make your sale a success by helping promote your sale and providing prizes to generate interest.

How to get started:

  1. Register as a fundraising partner with
  2. Fill out this form for support from Rain Ready Ottawa.

Send an email to [email protected] for any other questions.


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