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Councillor’s Assistant

Salary: $45,000 and excellent benefits package.

Job Summary:

Under the general direction of the City Councillor, the Councillor’s Assistant will help to organize, coordinate, and manage day-to-day operations of the Councillor’s Office.

The Councillor’s Assistant provides a comprehensive range of administrative services in support of the Councillor and the Councillor’s office, including support in communications and policy development, maintaining the Councillor’s calendar, triaging the ward e-mail account, answering phones, managing the office budget, and taking on case work within the Heron Park community.

This is a 12-18 month contract with a start date of July 8th.

Description of Responsibilities:

  • Will assume primary responsibility for managing the Councillor’s office operations, including ensuring that the Councillor is relieved of all administrative detail as it relates to the day-to-day operation of the office in accordance with the authority delegated by the Councillor.
  • May provide communications support to the Councillor, including: serving as a point of contact on behalf of the Councillor with the general public and constituents; providing general information on initiatives and issues within the Councillor’s constituency and the City at large and coordinating meetings for the Councillor; drafting, for the Councillor’s review and approval, and updating the Councillor’s web page and social media accounts.
  • May receive or oversee the receipt of queries, concerns, complaints and problems from constituents and the public and ensures resolution personally or through delegation to another member of the Councillor’s staff or to appropriate City staff. May develop and manage systems and procedures consistent with responding to constituency work. May aid the Councillor with the resolution of issues requiring his/her attention.
  • May monitor and maintain records on Committee recommendations and Council decisions regarding matters of interest to the Councillor and his/her constituents. May review and analyze agendas for Council, committees, task forces, agencies, boards and commissions; identify items that will affect the councillor and his/her constituents; and recommend and initiate appropriate action.
  • May undertake research and analysis for the Councillor with respect to policy matters and departmental initiatives, including making recommendations to the Councillor on the content and appropriateness of reports prepared by City staff; researching initiatives; and assisting with policy formulation for recommendation to appropriate Council committees, task forces, boards and agencies.
  • May provide liaison services for the Councillor with the Mayor, other Members of Council and their staff, as well as the City Manager, general managers, directors, managers and other City staff with respect to corporate initiatives, operational issues, and issues affecting the Councillor and his/her constituents. May liaise with other Councillors or other government officials, as required, for support on issues of importance.
  • May review correspondence of importance with the Councillor, advise on or determine the course of action if required, and organize replies for signature where appropriate.
  • May arrange and delegate the preparation of responses by appropriate staff, as required, and sign on the Councillor’s behalf as delegated by the Councillor.
  • May arrange public meetings, meetings with constituents and other community events, and accompany the Councillor as required. May attend events in the Councillor’s absence, and brief the Councillor on the outcome of meetings following the event.
  • May ensure the Councillor is prepared with the required briefing material for meetings of Council, committees and other meetings.
  • Will manage office budget including but not exclusive to, coordinating all donations, invoices and office supplies.
  • May create graphic designs for advertisements, business cards, etc.
  • Will manage the Councillor’s daily itinerary.
  • Will manage a specific neighbourhood within the Ward including attending community association meetings- Heron Park
  • May coordinate and transmit information concerning urban planning including the Official Plan, newly passed bills, developments, development charges, etc.


Education and Experience

Post-Secondary School Diploma

College or University degree in Business Administration, Communications, Political Science, Sociology or related program.

A minimum of 2 years experience in providing administrative services is required, preferably to the senior executive level. Experience providing support to an elected official is desirable.

Experience and formal training combined with demonstrated performance and ability may substitute for stipulated academic requirements.


Language, Certificates, and Licenses:

English oral, reading, and writing

French oral, reading, and writing (highly desirable).



  • Effective communications vehicles such as newsletters, newspapers, and social media
  • Mandate, structure, and protocol of Council and its committees
  • Policies, protocols, and procedures required of a Councillor and the Councillor’s office
  • The demographics of the Councillor’s ward, current initiatives and issues within the ward
  • Policy initiatives and issues in committees chaired by the Councillor or on which the Councillor is a member
  • The City corporation sufficient to obtain information in response to inquiries from constituents, and to obtain policy information and documentation in drafting committee agendas
  • Knowledge of City administrative structure
  • Knowledge of City services and policies
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and familiarity with Adobe Suite [Illustrator]
  • Office protocols, systems and procedures


Competencies and Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Communicate effectively via verbal presentations, written information, promotional material and reports
  • Communicate effectively with a wide range of people, orally and in writing, often under circumstances where the other party may be in a highly emotional state
  • Ability to organize an office efficiently and effectively
  • Office management
  • Demonstrated initiative, requiring general direction only
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to effectively work independently and within a team
  • Ability to multitask


How to Apply

Please submit your cover letter and resumes to [email protected] with the subject line “job application” ASAP.

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