Statement on Mosque Shootings

It is with deep sadness that I learn about the mass shootings at Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. This despicable act of Islamophobia must be condemned, as too must be the rhetoric of hatred and bigotry that fuels these terrorists. We cannot tolerate that in our society and in our world such crimes of hate are accepted, shrugged off, downplayed or ignored. Islamophobia, and the structures that embolden it, must be confronted and eradicated.

On behalf of Capital Ward, I offer our deepest condolences to the victims, their loved ones and the Muslim communities that were targeted by this vicious and abhorrent attack. Our heart breaks for those whose lives have been stolen, for those seriously injured and traumatized by this heinous act, and for those who will live with the pain and suffering inflicted upon them.

We stand with our local Muslim community, as well as all oppressed and vulnerable people who endure bigotry and violence. Terrorist violence is perpetrated by hateful individuals and groups, but we must also oppose the systemic factors that create a fertile ground for them. Our sadness—and accompanying anger at such racist and xenophobic attacks—will feed our resolve; we will work for a better a community and a better world for our fellow community members, their children and all of our children.

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