Stage 2 LRT Public Information Session

Residents of Capital Ward are invited to attend this information session on Stage 2 of LRT.

City Council and the public have been given only 12 days to evaluate and deliberate on a proposal for a P3 project that will cost the City $4.6 billion, with commitments to private partners that will span almost 30 years; this information session will be one of the only opportunities for community members to learn more, as well as raise questions and concerns, before the deal is voted on at the same time as the budget on March 6th. Please consider attending.

You can RSVP for the event here.

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    Lida Malinowski

    More time should be provided for input and comment by both councillors and the public. This very large expenditure must be given proper consideration in all aspects. Given the issues which still exist with LRT Stage 1, it is very imprudent to rush into Stage 2 at this time. This rush to get Stage 2 approved, without analyzing the Stage 1 implementation is unwise. As a taxpayer, I’d rather get it done right at the outset, by having time to assess and address all aspects in an informed manner.

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