Request for Cost and Implications of RTM Contract Changes

January 22, 2020
John Manconi
GM, Transportation Services Department
1500 St. Laurent Boulevard, Floor 1
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Z8

CC: City Council

Mr. Manconi,

Section 2 of Schedule 23 to the Project Agreement for Stage 1 of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project sets out the method for determining the compensation to be paid on termination of the P3 agreement for city default or convenience.

I am requesting that City staff provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost to the City should we terminate the contract with RTG/RTM for convenience, or for any other avenue of termination that is currently available to the City through the Project Agreement. Further, I am requesting an estimate of the cost of a negotiated purchase of the controlling interest in RTG/RTM through purchase of equity.
Finally, I request that this information be made available at, or in advance of, this Thursday’s meeting of the Transit Commission.

Shawn Menard
Councillor/ Conseiller Shawn Menard
Ward 17, Capital
City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa

PDF version here.

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  • Iqbal, M.
    If you believe in fairness and transparency, you and your colleagues should have gut to tackle the real issue.
    • You don’t buy even a shirt if it is cheapest. This is the most important and expensive infrastructure of the city. You look for long term efficiency and performance.
    • We have become laughingstock even in the third world. Learn lessons from Metro projects of cities like Delhi and Cairo.
    • The projects are given to SNC Lavelin which has international reputations for its corruption. World Bank and a few EU countries have banned the company from any infrastructure project for next 20 years.
    • The main culprits are Mayor, Marconi, their cronies and councillors who were associated with the project. There is clear case of high degree of Incompetence and possible corruptions.
    • The only solution is open, transparent Public Enquiry, headed by reputable retired judges and professors of the field.
    • Otherwise we will commit even bigger blunder with the second phase of LRT. And people will visit to see how the capital city of a rich advanced country with the highest literacy continued committing boondoggle one after another with mega projects.
  • Bessa Whitmore
    I’m not (yet) convinced that the city has the resources/expertise to take over LRT maintenance. Clearly, the current maintenance group is not (so far) up to the task and need far more pressure to do a proper job. I thought Steve Kanalacus’ statement was persuasive.
    My concern is that for Phase 2, in spite of the unanimous opinion of an advisory committee that the SNC bid is technically unacceptable, the city apparently is going to give them the contract, because it is the cheapest. We get what we pay for! Have we learned nothing from the current LRT fiasco? What’s really going on here? I can’t help but wonder.