Rental Accommodations Study - Public Consultations Underway

Public consultations for the Rental Accommodations Study have now been announced! This is a chance for people to have a say regarding Air B&B, student housing, 'bunkhouse' developments, and the need for landlord licensing!

Unfortunately, very little notice has been provided by the City's consultants: the first public consultation (on student housing and bunkhouses) takes place THIS Monday, May 27th, across the street from Billings Bridge (600-1355 Bank St). Register here:

The second consultation, on short-term rentals (e.g. Air B&B), will be taking place the following day, May 28th, at the Heron Road Community Centre (1480 Heron Rd). Register here:

Get involved in the public process and help shape our public policy. Landlords, developers, and corporations like Air B&B, have their boosters already signed up, so we need average folks to be there as well (spaces are 'limited', so register without delay).

The full list of consultations ('workshops') is available at the link below, as are links to the online surveys:

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