Official Plan Updates

The joint committee meeting to consider the final report for the new Official Plan has been moved from September to October 14, 2021, with the final plan going to Council on Wednesday, October 27. This change is due in a large part to your advocacy, and it gives more time for community members to present and prepare delegations. The proposed revisions to the OP are posted in track changes on the city’s project webpage as they become available, with the final revised draft to come later this month. The city is also planning to hold a public Open House on the OP on Wednesday, September 29, with details to be posted on the website.  

The Provincial comments on the draft OP released in July raises major questions with respect to including Tewin lands within the expanded urban boundary. They note that the inclusion of the Tewin land does not appear to align with the city’s goal of 15-minute community and proximity to rapid transit, and is overly reliant on the construction of new highways. Our office fought against the expansion of the urban boundary, and for a more transparent and inclusive consultation process on the Tewin lands decision that also respected the city’s climate change objectives.  

For more information on the provincial comments to the draft OP see: (linked)

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