Capital Ward Bulletin: Canada Day, Fire Hall Park and Public Consultations

Summer is coming and the 2020-2021 school year is coming to a close. I know it has been a tough year for all students, whether you’re in elementary school, high school or at a post-secondary institution. I want to commend you all on your work this year, and I especially want to congratulate all graduates. Great work, Class of 2021, your voices seeking change are needed now more than ever!

A Different Canada Day

As the horrors of Canada’s Residential School Program are continuously revealed, and the extent of the pain and suffering inflicted upon First Nations, Metis, Inuit and Indigenous people by the Canadian government and the church is being realized by more and more Canadians, this is a time when we need to reflect upon and work to reconcile these actions. 

In acknowledgment of this, some people are doing Canada Day a little differently this year. Some businesses have already chosen to close, when they would usually be open on the holiday. Many people have decided to wear orange in Canada. I would encourage everyone to think of a way to acknowledge this reality. This will not solve the ongoing issues relating to residential schools and oppression, and it is only a recognition of work that still needs to be done, including in our own city. We will be reviewing concrete actions in our own ward and city that can meaningfully contribute to truth and reconciliation.  

New Official Plan—As We Heard It

The city has been doing public consultations on the new Official Plan (OP). They are currently developing an As We Heard It report, and will be presenting their findings for Inner Urban neighbourhoods.

There will be a public meeting on these findings on June 28 at 6:30 pm.

Please visit to register for your desired session.

"Fire Hall" Park Public Consultation

The City of Ottawa will be developing a new park at 635 O'Connor Street. The new park will include accessible benches, a picnic and games table, pathway, shade pergola, trash receptacles, new tree planting and climbing trellis screen. The process to redesign the park was initiated several years ago but stalled for a number of reasons. We are contributing additional funds from cash in lieu of parkland to make sure it goes forward this year, and have worked with staff to integrate community desires for grouped seating, shade and relaxed activities in an older-adult friendly design.

Residents are invited to participate in a Community Consultation via ZOOM to review the park concept plan options on Monday, June 28 from 6:00 to 7:00PM.

Options will be posted on line after the meeting for review and comments. Comments period will close July 7, 2021.

ZOOM Meeting
Link is:

New Stop Sign at Third and O’Connor

We have received a number of requests from residents for a four-way stop at Third Avenue and O’Connor. Currently, only traffic on Third Avenue has a stop sign. It seemed odd to us that O’Connor wouldn’t have a stop sign at Third Avenue, considering that other nearby streets were deemed to need a stop sign.

Before acting on the requests, we wanted to get input from city traffic staff—we want to be careful not to put up stop signs if it could actually cause bigger problems. It turns out that Third and O’Connor had been reviewed for a stop sign many years ago, and it turns out that a four-way stop at the intersection is warranted, but it was never implemented.

Considering staff’s response, the traffic in the area and the requests from residents, we are inclined to follow staff’s advice and put in a four-way stop at this intersection. In the coming week, we will be distributing flyers on the blocks around the intersection to inform residents.

Public Information Session Concerning the Ottawa Hospital Master Plan

The City of Ottawa is hosting a public meeting to discuss the new Ottawa Hospital Master Plan on June 29th, 2021 at 6 pm on Zoom.

To join the zoom meeting please use:

Meeting link: Zoom link
Meeting ID: 910 5681 7471
Password: 451072
Local number: +1 438 809 7799

Nominations open for 10th Annual Order of Ottawa and coaching awards

 The City is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Order of Ottawa and the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching.

You can complete nominations for both awards either online or by downloading a nomination form from the Order of Ottawa award webpage. The submission deadline is Friday, September 10 at 11:59 pm. Nominations will be considered every year for five consecutive years from the date of submission.

You can find more information on both awards at

Nominations by immediate family members, self-nominations, and posthumous nominations will not be accepted. Elected municipal, provincial and federal officials are not eligible while in office.

Asset Management Plans

The city is forming Asset Management Plans for water, wastewater, stormwater and transportation services to assist in deciding changes made to our infrastructure and we need your input

Find out more and have your say:

COVID-19 and Vaccine Updates

  • To date, more than 673,000 doses of vaccines have been administered in Ottawa and 75 per cent of adults have received at least one dose.
  • More appointments are now available in the provincial booking system for Ottawa residents who still need a first dose or are eligible for a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The City is reaching out to individuals who received first doses at rural clinics who still need second dose appointments.
  • Residents of any priority neighbourhood may now be eligible for a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine at an upcoming pop-up clinic.
  • More pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinics for priority neighbourhoods for first and second doses have now been scheduled.
  • The Province of Ontario has moved to Step One of its Three-Step Roadmap to safely reopen the province.
  • Visit the City’s Vaccine distribution page for more information on vaccines.

Visit the Frequently asked questions page for more information about COVID-19 vaccinations.

New Vaccine Wait-List Tool for Same-Day Openings at Community Clinics

Beginning today, residents can now use an online tool to book last-minute, same-day COVID-19 vaccinations at community clinics in Ottawa. The tool allows eligible residents to sign up daily for a COVID-19 vaccine wait list to receive a first or second dose appointment. As appointments open up, Ottawa Public Health contacts the resident by text, email or phone.

All appointments are for unclaimed doses and could become available at any time of the day. You will be asked to arrive for your appointment by a particular time. You can choose to accept the appointment or not. The tool resets at 11:59 pm daily, so interested residents should register after that time each day.

The tool lets residents select their preferred area of the city: west, east or central. The clinics with last-minute openings each day may vary, depending on their vaccine availability.

Residents can access the wait-list tool to register.

All Ottawa residents age 12 or older are eligible to receive a first dose. You are eligible for a second dose of the vaccine if you:

The wait-list tool was initially implemented for highest risk health care workers and is now being expanded for use by all eligible residents. This tool helps residents receive a vaccine more quickly, and also helps the clinics operate more efficiently by enabling them to administer all of the vaccines prepared for use each day.

Community clinics are administering the mRNA vaccines (Modern and Pfizer), and residents will be informed on-site which one they are receiving. Since interchanging vaccines is safe and effective, the priority is to receive two doses of any vaccine to complete the series and be fully protected.

Individuals who already have an appointment for a later date are eligible for the wait list. Those who secure an appointment through the wait-list will be asked to cancel the future appointment upon arrival at the clinic. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any other reason, visit the provincial booking system or use this tool.

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