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  • We worked closely with Councillor McKenney, Ottawa's Liaison on Housing and Homelessness, on having our city declare a housing and homelessness emergency, on a campaign calling for vacant hotels to be converted into affordable housing, and on seeing the city invest directly in the creation of affordable housing for the first time in years.


  • The city is slowly moving forward with introducing Inclusionary Zoning (IZ). IZ would force developers to make a certain percentage of proposed residential units affordable if they are building in proximity to ‘transit hubs’. The New Official Plan (OP) is what enables IZ to be implemented in Ottawa, and we were able to amend the OP to have a more ambitious target for affordable housing: upping it from 10-15% to 20% of all new residential development, and increasing the ratio thereof that will be realized through deeply affordable housing vis-à-vis ‘market affordable.’


  • Given our city continues to fall short on affordable housing, we have tried to make gains at a ward level. Since coming to office we established an affordable housing fund for our Ward and have been able to either convince developers to voluntarily contribute, or have otherwise secured developer contributions via section 37 of the planning act (with hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked or deposited so far). These funds will be used to create non-market housing in Capital Ward, so that our Ward can be a place for everyone to call home.

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