Manual E-mail Instructions

If your email client did not open automatically, you can manually copy and paste the emails below into your email client:

Shopers Drug Mart [email protected]
GoldArt Studio [email protected]
STOMPING GROUND [email protected]
The Acting Comp. [email protected]
Second Studio [email protected]
AVENUE LOCK (locksmith) [email protected]
FELEENA'S  [email protected]
LIGHT OF INDIA [email protected]
Purrdy Paws [email protected]
Café MORALA [email protected]
Home Hardware [email protected]
Bridgehead [email protected]
METRO McKeen [email protected]
The Glebe Apothecary [email protected]
THIRD AVENUE SPA [email protected]
DAVIDSON'S JEWELLERS [email protected]
4th AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH [email protected]
NICASTRO [email protected]
KUMON [email protected]
DAVID'S TEA [email protected]
KNIFEWEAR [email protected]
SHOE + SHOE [email protected]

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