Capital Ward Bulletin: Good News for Capital Ward!

This summer and fall, residents can expect a lot of new projects taking shape in our ward. This is a result of collaboration amongst residents, community associations, city staff and our office. Thank you for all you have done to deliver on these accomplishments.

Safer Bronson at Sunnyside Intersection

Work on the intersection of Bronson and Sunnyside by Carleton University is almost wrapped up. The final product will be a full protected intersection for all road users, including separated crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists that will connect with the new pedestrian and bicycling facilities along Bronson and University Drive.

Bank Street Bridge Permanent Improvements

Construction has started on this historic bridge. It will allow for fully-repaired sidewalks, new extended bike lanes on Bank with a buffer from the three lanes of vehicle traffic (one southbound and two northbound lanes). There will be two lanes of traffic during construction as there has been for the past two-and-a-half summers, with the project finishing up by winter.

West Coast Video Greenspace

Further down Bank Street, we worked to have the old West Coast Video building taken down and it has been replaced with grass, creating a nicer view of the street and open space until an eventual redevelopment of the site.

Belmont, Willard, Fairbairn, Bellwood Traffic Calming

New traffic calming is being installed after several years of renewal. This is a busy school route, so we’ve asked staff for a permanent crossing guard at the intersection of Belmont/Glen at Bank (we had secured temporary funding for this while the construction project was ongoing). Over the summer, we’ll learn if the intersection meets the criteria for a permanent guard.

Glen Patio Returns

The nearby intersection of Glen and Bank will see a Patio return for a second summer. This on-street patio is a place for everyone to enjoy the neighbourhood. This is a public space, so all are welcome, whether you’ve purchased something from a nearby store or not.

30 km/h Speed Limit in Capital Ward

Traffic calming and safe transportation in Capital Ward has been very important for our office. City Council has now approved all residential neighbourhoods in Capital Ward for 30 km/h gateway zones.

Fire Station Parkette at OConnor and Fifth Avenue

Construction is set to begin the week of June 22, 2022, on a new parkette directly beside the Fire Station located at the corner of O’Connor and Fifth Ave. A new pergola, games table, benches and other amenities will be a welcome addition to this space.

Lycée and Frobisher Repaving

The streets off of Riverside are getting fully repaved and the sidewalks are getting repaired this summer, with a new electric vehicle charging station and safe crossings to come.

New Tennis Court Renewal Brantwood Park

The tennis courts at Brantwood Park will be resurfaced this fall, between September and October, which will mean the courts remain usable through the busy summer months, and ready for play in spring 2023.

New Splash Pad at Kaladar Park

Construction of the new splash pad, accessible pathway and landscaping started in the spring of 2022 and will be completed by summer 2022 for everyone to enjoy.

New Heron Park Community Building

We have committed funding to replace the old Heron Park Field House, which has needed attention for years. Design work has begun in collaboration with the community to establish a brand-new facility.

Fourth Ave Safety Zone

A new safety zone is being constructed between Mutchmor and Corpus Christi Schools this summer. It will mean new speed humps, raised crosswalks and safer trips to and from school for our kids.

New Springhurst Park Dock

Consultation will begin this summer on a new dock for Springhurst Park to make accessing the Rideau River more convenient.

#10 Bus Extension

We are looking to extend the #10 Bus, which runs along Bronson, to re-connect with the Rideau Centre and extend to/from Élisabeth-Bruyère.

Eugene Forsey Park Basketball Upgrades

This project is scheduled to commence in early July, with an estimated completion date of August 19. The play structure and other park amenities will remain open and accessible throughout construction, and no mature trees will be impacted. The upgrades will include resurfacing the basketball court and increasing the size to 16m by 26m by shifting it slightly towards the east and south.

Deschâtelets Building: New Community Centre, Gym, Parks and Affordable Housing

We are pleased to see formal agreements for a new community centre in Old Ottawa East within the Deschâtelets Building with a new school, gym, parks and seniors affordable housing to come.

Greenfield-Main-Hawthorne Project  

This project is advancing this summer with significant work to take place underground including the burial of hydro wires, safer street design and a new crossing at Main and Colonel By.

Glebe Avenue Renewal Project

City staff are currently working on the re-design of Glebe Avenue, between Bank to O’Connor. This project will include replacing the existing watermain (built in 1906) and sanitary sewer (built in 1912), which are in poor condition and are the driver for this project.

Full road reconstruction, including road narrowing and the addition of traffic calming features will be implemented. On the south side, the existing sidewalk will be widened and a new cycle track will be added. The feasibility of a new sidewalk on the north side will be investigated, although it may not be feasible due to interferences with trees and utilities. On-street parking will be maintained on the south side, with a minor reduction in parking spaces due to the traffic calming features.

The design phase of the project will run from September 2022 to August 2023, with construction expected between April and November 2024. We will keep residents updated as this project continues.

Swim Instructors Needed at Brewer

The city is looking to hire lifeguards who are fully-certified with their Instructor certifications to teach our swimming lesson programs at Brewer. Anyone who is interested in this potential employment opportunity would require the following qualifications:

  • National Lifeguard
  • Standard First Aid
  • Airway Management
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Part 1 & 2

You can contact Stephanie Rybak at [email protected] if interested.

Shakespeare in the Park

A Company of Fools is a local, professional theatre company who have been touring the works of Shakespeare for over 30 years to different communities in Ottawa, offering an evening of family entertainment suitable for all ages.

This year, they’re performing The Tempest in over 40 different parks, including Windsor Park on August 13 at 7:00 pm.

You can learn more on their website. All performances are pay-what-you-can.

Free Transit on Canada Day

Both OC Transpo and the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) are offering free transit on Canada Day; it’ll be the best way to get around on July 1.

Learn more at the OC Transpo website and the STO website, and use OC Transpo’s Travel Planner to plan your trip on Canada Day.

Visit for information about the Government of Canada festivities.

Update: 2022 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Event Schedule

The city hosts HHW events every year to ensure hazardous waste is safely collected, transported, and appropriately recycled or disposed of, in compliance with federal and provincial legislation on the handling, transport and disposal of hazardous waste. To date in 2022, the City of Ottawa has held two HHW events and collected a total of 135 tonnes of hazardous waste:

  • On April 24, the city-hosted event at Tunney’s Pasture hosted 2,507 participants and collected 65 tonnes of waste.
  • On May 7, the city-hosted event at the Rideau Carleton Raceway saw 1,791 participants and collected 70 tonnes of waste.

Through the rest of 2022, the city will host seven more events; the event scheduled on Sunday October 2 will now take place at 300 Coventry Road, in the parking lot at the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park (RCTP). An updated schedule for the remaining events is provided below.




Sunday June 26

Canadian Tire Centre

200 Cyclone Taylor Boulevard - Canadian Tire Centre

Sunday July 10

Conroy Snow Dump

3100 Conroy Road

Sunday August 7

Mer Bleu Snow Dump

2170 Mer Bleue Road

Sunday August 28

Trail Waste Facility

4475 Trail Road

Sunday September 11

Tunney’s Pasture

Tunney’s Pasture*

Sunday October 2

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park

300 Coventry Road – RCGT Park

Sunday October 23

Westbrook Snow Dump

200 Westbrook Road

* Please follow the signage at Tunney’s Pasture for the specific location of the event

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