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The COVID-19 crisis has had a detrimental impact on small local businesses, while many of their large corporate competitors have seen an increase in sales (e.g. Amazon and other corporations that offer well-known delivery services). Making an effort to buy local during this pandemic, then, not only protects many beloved small businesses in Ottawa, it also helps stem growing economic inequality that results when consumption increasingly favours large corporations over local small businesses.

In an effort to support local businesses, Ottawa has initiated a buy local campaign that encourages residents to support their favourite small businesses by taking immediate and concrete steps now:  

  • Buy from local businesses online. 
  • Purchase gift cards from local businesses to use later. 
  • Order delivery or takeout from area restaurants. 
  • Send local businesses messages of support on social media. 

These actions will help local shops, restaurants and services by providing them with critical income during this challenging period. The campaign website is There, residents will find links to sites listing businesses serving customers virtually or providing takeout and meal delivery. 

If you want to help support our business community in the ward click on the following lists to find businesses that are doing delivery orders or selling gift certificates. For a city-wide list go here or here

Ottawa Farmers’ Market Association

Unfortunately, we can't enjoy our local farmers' markets the way we did before the pandemic. The Ottawa Farmers' Market Association, however, has published a list of vendors that residents can still order from!:

Adam Bakes

All About the Soup

Almanac Grain

Backyard Edibles

Burrell Farm- Beans and hot sauce

Farmgate Cider

Haico's Hot Sauce

Kelly's Gourmet Mushrooms

Merrifield Farms

Needhams Market Garden (wine only for now)

Pascales Ice Cream

Poppa Bean

The Great British Pastry and Pie co. 

  • 613-222-5121 | $75 minimum orders

Vox Kombucha 

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