Bank Street Canal Bridge Survey

We need to hear from you.

The Bank Street Canal Bridge has long been a source of concern for the residents of Capital Ward (and residents across the city). There is often speeding on the bridge, there is no safe space for bicyclists, and the sidewalks can be too narrow for pedestrians and for people using wheelchairs.

With upcoming maintenance work on the bridge, this is our chance to make needed improvements, so this is your chance to provide input.

Last month, we released a new design for the bridge that should better satisfy all the uses of the bridge while also improving safety for all road users.

The proposed design would have two northbound lanes, one southbound lane and expanded multi-use paths (MUPs) on each side. This would provide extra safety to pedestrians and bicyclists, while still providing the necessary space for trucks, buses and motor vehicle traffic:

For full information on the proposed design, as well as alternative designs that were considered, please visit the Bank Street Canal Bridge Improvements web page.


Do you like the design? Do you see areas for improvement? Please, let us know.

No final decisions on the design of the bridge have yet been made. Tell us how the design of the bridge could best serve your needs--click here and fill out the survey.

The survey will close August 7, 2020.

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