Report on Snow Clearance Forthcoming

On behalf of the Capital Ward office, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Information Session on Snow Clearance. Your participation made this event a success. The event saw a full room participate in a critical and productive dialogue. We have our work cut out for us moving forward.

Our office has begun working on consolidating and summarizing what we heard from City staff, and from constituents (at the event, and through e-mail), into a report. This report will not only give a synopsis of the current situation, and the challenges that stem therefrom, but will also offer recommendations as to how snow clearance can be improved. Staff work very hard on winter maintenance, but we know that current service levels and standards are simply insufficient. This report will help bolster our case for enhancing the City's winter maintenance budget and standards.

Compiling this report will take some time, as my staff still have their normal workload to manage, but its completion can be expected sometime in May.

For those interested:

You can see a video recording of the Information Session on Snow Clearance here

You can find City staff's presentation materials here, et en français ici

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