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Public Consultation: 299 Carling Ave

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The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment application to establish a uniform zoning designation over the site, whereas the site is currently split zoned. The rezoning would for allow for future mixed-use development and a public park.

There is no development currently proposed for this site, as the Applicant, Canada Lands Company (CLC), is looking to dispose of the lands after the re-zoning. The rezoning process, however, will shape what is allowed to be developed on site in future, and will see some community benefits secured in the process.

Proposal Details
The subject property is located on the north side of Carling Avenue and has an area of 3.3 acres. The site has 87 metres of frontage along Carling Avenue, 196 metres of frontage along Lebreton Street South, and 94 metres of frontage along Bell Street. The is currently vacant and used as a surface parking lot with 300 parking stalls. To the north of the site is a five-story apartment building. To the east of the site along Bell Street, a high-rise apartment and street townhomes can be found. To the west of the site is a Federal office complex which also includes a large open space along Carling Avenue.

The subject site is currently split zoned Mixed-Use Centre (MC) and Arterial Mainstreet subzone 10 (AM10). The application would create a uniform zoning for the site and introduce zoning provisions with respect to permitted and prohibited uses, building setbacks and stepbacks, maximum building heights, minimum distance separation between towers, and the location of parking. The amendment would create specific zoning designations on the site for both development and parks and open space. A concept plan has been prepared in support of the application demonstrates the development potential which would allow for apartment buildings ranging in height from 20 storeys along Carling avenue, descending to 15 and 8-storeys to the north. A new public park is proposed along Lebreton Street South along with a privately owned publicly accessible space along Bell Street.

Full application details can be found here.

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