Menard: LRT Stage 2 is at risk of becoming another SNC-led boondoggle

With recent news highlighting that current LRT cars are experiencing major challenges in winter weather, it is more clear than ever that the Rideau Transit Group (RTG) is going to miss its March 31 deadline for handover of the Confederation Line to the city. It begs the question: Who knew about this and why weren’t councillors informed of this major impediment in advance of approving Stage 2? As city residents are painfully aware, this project is already well behind schedule and over-budget.


Read the full article in the Ottawa Citizen here

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    Peter Showler

    Actually Shawn, you have an irritated constituent. I had intended to write you about LRT 2 and the recent story that SNC Lavelin did not qualify for the bid as did other companies, although Lavelin was awarded the bid. I wanted your thoughts.

    However, in seeking to contact you, I found that I could not simply send you an e-mail. I had to register either for Facebook, Twitter or your own account. I just terminated my Facebook account last month for political reasons ( I renewed it solely to write you). I don’t want to be on any account – including yours. As a politically hip guy who should understand the corporate digital economy, you should understand why. So why do you not have a direct e-mail address where I can write to you without registering for another damn account? Am I the only post-Millennial in your district?

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