In 2019, we released a white paper on Lansdowne, calling for it to become truly A Place for People. That is what we’d like to see with this Lansdowne Revitalization 2.0. In order for that to happen the city should move towards robust discussion before any decisions are made, instead of putting a stamp of approval on a plan that requires much introspection and debate. Residents have a lot to contribute and they should be heard. 

In front of us now is a reportjust 3 months before City Council is declared 'lame duck' (meaning we couldn't approve spending items of this sort)—that proposes substantive changes to the deal, another extension of more than a decade, with substantial new municipal debt. See our Top Ten reasons why we need proper consultation on the future of Lansdowne Park prior to any “approvals”. 


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I call on City Council to consult with the public on the current substantive proposals for Lansdowne 2.0 before approving them.

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