Ongoing Infrastructure Projects in Capital Ward





Below are details about several ongoing, or recently completed, infrastructure projects in Capital Ward. Some timelines for completion may need to be adjusted due to the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic


Hurdman B. Water Pumping Ss. Upgrades [PDF]



Greenfield-Main-Hawthorne Integrated [PDF]



Fairbairn-Bellwood-Willard-Belmont Inter [PDF]



OMCCP Heron Rd to Bank EB/WB bike track [PDF]



Bank St. Canal Bridge and Culvert [PDF]



2018 Trenchless Sewer Program [PDF]



Bank Street Integrated [PDF]



Pump Station Upgrades: Harvard [PDF]



OC Bus Lane - Bronson Ave [PDF]



Riverside Dr OP O-Train Bridge [PDF]



Sewer Integrated: Grove & Grosvenor [PDF]



2019 Pipe Repairs STM & SAN [PDF]



Bundled Bridges & Culverts #3 [PDF]



2020 ICD Install - Arbeatha Park [PDF]



2020 Misc Drainage Improvements [PDF]



2020 Pipe Repairs [PDF]



2020 Trenchless Sewer Rehab [PDF]



Walkley Rd OP O-Train Bridge [PDF]



Road Sewer Renewal Pretoria Ave [PDF]



Windsor Park Stormwater PS upgrades [PDF]



Smyth Road Cycling Safety Improvements [PDF]



2021 Cathodic Protection [PDF]



Greenfield-Main-Hawthorne IRSW Advanced [PDF]



Overhead Sign Structure Rehabilitation [PDF]



CR013117 Billings Electrical Rm Slab Rep [PDF]



Horticulture Building-Foundation Repairs [PDF]



Leonard Ave WWPS Upgrades [PDF]



Lansdowne - Interpretive Signage [PDF]



Kaladar Park - Spraypad Replacement [PDF]



Design-Building Automation Systems [PDF]



Sunnyside Library Replace RTU-1 [PDF]



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