Together, Let’s Build A Better Lansdowne

Over the next two months, there will be a lot happening with the proposed Lansdowne 2.0 re-development. Lansdowne 2.0 proposes to build three skyscrapers and additional retail space in order to raise funds to build a new event centre, re-build the north side stands and make some changes to the public realm in the park. 

We have serious concerns about the proposal, and we do not think city council should approve it, as is. However, if we make some improvements to the proposal—including enhanced public realm improvements; preservation of greenspace; thoughtful and respectful development; a proper transportation plan; and deeply affordable housing—we can move towards the original goal for the Lansdowne Park redevelopment: a thriving, urban village. 

With that in mind, we have launched a new website: A Better Lansdowne. There, you can learn about the Lansdowne 2.0 proposal, our five improvements for the plan and some background information on the Lansdowne P3 deal. 

We also have information on public consultations, petitions and how you can get involved. We will also be launching a public survey in the days ahead.

Five Ways to Improve Lansdowne 2.0—Sign the Petition 

We’ve identified five ways that the Lansdowne 2.0 plan could be improved to help realize A Better Lansdowne. If you agree, you can sign our petition. 

Public Consultation—May 10, 2023 

This Wednesday, our office will be hosting an online public consultation over zoom. Listen to short presentations at the beginning, then have your say! 

Public Consultation—May 17 

The city will be hosting an online public consultation on the public realm elements of Lansdowne at 6:00 pm on May 17. 


All my best,

Shawn Menard

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