2024 Budget Review

The following table highlights specific Capital Ward projects that will receive funding as part of the 2024 city budget. It does not include ongoing projects that have received funding in previous budgets nor does it include funding that will be included in future budgets. It does not include all city-wide projects that will benefit Capital Ward.

For more information on the full city budget, please visit the city's website.


Description Amount (2024)


Bank Street Canal Bridge

Bridge renewal work.

Hurdman Bridge Pumping Station Renewal

The Hurdman Bridge Drinking Water Pump Station is located just north of the Hurdman Transit Station, adjacent to the CN/CP rail line, between Riverside Drive and the Rideau River. Constructed in the early 1970s, the existing Hurdman PS is used to boost water from Zone 1 W to eastern water zones of the City. Due to age, much of the equipment at the Hurdman Bridge Pumping Station is obsolete or at the end of its useful life. The intent of this project is to refurbish the entire station and site to bring it up to current City Standards, meet current and future pumping demands and implement a standby power system at the station. Yard configuration, building repairs and refurbishment, and replacement of the entire electrical distribution system are required and there is a need to increase water transfer pumping capacity for Zone 2C. In addition, the standby power system increases the resiliency to extended power outages. Project design is
underway, funding is for construction top-up.

Completion: 2024

Lansdowne Park: Aberdeen Pavilion

Building Envelope Restoration, Slab On Grade Restoration, Replace Roof.

Torrington at Findlay

Repair of retaining wall.



Percy Street Cycletrack

Pavement preservation to Percy Street cycletrack and renewal from Flora Street to Chamberlain Avenue.

Riverdale (Main St to Bank St)

The aging watermain and portions of the sanitary sewers on Riverdale Ave from Main to
Bank require replacement due to age, condition and the presence of lead water services. The project will include full road reconstruction as well as sewer and watermain services to the property line.

Completion: 2030

Glebe Avenue (Bank to O'Connor)

The sanitary sewer in Glebe Ave from Bank St to O'Connor St requires replacement due
to age and condition. The watermain requires replacement due to age, condition and the presence of lead services. Storm sewer reconstruction will be included where required or impacted by adjacent construction. The project will include full road reconstruction as well as sewer and watermain services to the property line.

Completion: 2024


The aging watermain and sanitary and storm sewers on Harvard Ave from Cameron to
Warrington, Chelsey St from Bank to Wendover, Warrington Dr from dead-end to
Harvard, Wendover Ave from Warrington to Cameron and Raleigh St from Warrington to
Harvard require replacement due to age, condition and the presence of lead water
services. In addition, due to the high groundwater level, specific configuration of the sewer system needs to be implemented. The project will include full road reconstruction as well as sewer and watermain services to the property line.

Completion: 2029

Bank Street Sawmill Creek

Funding is required for the construction phase of a lifecycle rehabilitation, in line with the recommendations obtained from a detailed condition assessment and renewal options analysis study.

Completion: 2025

Bank Street (Riverside to Ledbury)

The existing watermains and sewers in Bank St from Riverside Dr to 150m north of
Ledbury Ave are in poor condition and need replacement to improve the level of service
and reduce the risk of basement flooding. Full road reconstruction including curbs and
sidewalks, will be included. Enhancements with this project include cycle tracks along the entire length of the corridor, as well as relocation of Hydro and other utility poles. In accordance with the new protected intersection guidelines, all signalized intersections will be protected intersections and there will be a half height curb between the sidewalks and cycle tracks. Construction scheduling will be phased across several years, the initial phase of construction will include Riverside Dr to Collins Avenue.

Completion: 2027


Temporary Traffic Calming

Budget increase for seasonal traffic calming measures $75,000

Parks and Recreation

Brewer Pool

Design for accessibility upgrades to changeroom.

First Avenue Public School

Naturalized play area.

Lansdowne Urban Park

Public realm site furnishings.


Greystone Village Deschâtelets Building


Greystone Village: Grand Allée

Construction of the Grand Allée as part of the Greystone development. $498,000
Greystone Village Forecourt Park

Greystone Village Forecourt Park is a 0.8 ha neighbourhood park located
in the Greystone Village development on Main Street in the Old Ottawa East community. This park will have both active and passive amenities. Design and amenities to be determined--with input through public consultation.

Completion: 2026


Windsor Park Fieldhouse


Heron Park Fieldhouse



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