Capital Ward Bulletin: Date Corrected: Join us for the opening of the new Rideau River Mutli-Use Bridge!

New Rideau River Multi-Use Bridge Opening!

Correction: A previous email erroneously listed the opening as July 15. It is, in fact, this Saturday, June 15. We apologize for the confusion.

Councillor Shawn Menard (Capital Ward) and Deputy Mayor and Councillor Riley Brockington (River Ward) are excited to announce the opening of the multi-use footbridge over the Rideau River connecting Carleton University and Vincent Massey Park. The bridge will be opened for public use on Saturday June 15 at 11:00 am.

The new bridge will enhance connectivity to the Rideau River Eastern Pathway and a host of local amenities, including Vincent Massey Park, the RA Centre, Hog’s Back Falls, the Billing’s Bridge Shopping Centre and Mooney’s Bay. While Bronson and Riverside are also used by pedestrians and cyclists, this bridge will provide a safe, segregated pathway, making it a highly anticipated addition by surrounding communities.

An official opening will occur on Saturday June 15 at 11:00 am. Media are invited to attend.

The councillors also invite residents to come out, enjoy the bridge and enjoy better access to great places and amenities in the city.

Bank Street Active Transportation and Transit Priority Survey

I want to thank everyone who attended the online consultation on the city’s Bank Street in the Glebe Active Transportation and Transit Priority project. We had a great discussion with very thoughtful questions and comments from residents.

If you weren’t able to attend or if there wasn’t time for your questions, you can still have your say. Right now, the city has launched an online survey at You’ll be able to review designs for potential changes and give input on what you want Bank to look like.

Alternatively, you can email your feedback directly to the Project Manager, Lise Guèvremont, at [email protected]. Feel free to include our office on any messages you send. We really want to know what you think.

Three-Item Garbage Limit

On Monday, September 30, the City of Ottawa will introduce a limit of three items of garbage to be picked up at the curb on collection day. A garbage item could be a garbage bag, a garbage container up to 140 litres or a bulky item such as an unusable or broken piece of furniture. Households can put several smaller bags in one garbage container to count as one item. There is no limit to how much residents can set out through curbside recycling, green bins and leaf and yard waste bags. This change only applies to residents who receive curbside garbage collection. Not sure if this applies to you? Visit  and search your address to find out.

The three-item garbage limit helps the city extend the life of the Trail Waste Facility Landfill. This gives us time to explore new options for waste disposal. This limit also puts us in line with what neighbouring municipalities have for garbage collection. More than half of what we put in the garbage should go in the blue, black or green bin. Around 85%of households already set out three garbage items or fewer on collection day. Even so, we can all do better when it comes to recycling and using a green bin. The new limit will encourage curbside residents to rethink how they dispose of household waste—whether it be through properly sorted recycling, neighbourhood “buy-nothing” groups, donations, or return to retailer.   

Tips and tools for adapting to the new three-item garbage limit:

  • Not sure which bin something goes in? It can be hard to keep track. The Waste Explorer makes it easy. Search any item and it will tell you how to properly dispose of it.    
  • Download the Ottawa Collection Calendar app today for collection reminders, waste reduction tips and more. 
  • Visit for more insight into how you can reduce the amount of garbage you send to landfill.  
  • Are you new to Ottawa or find yourself needing a new blue, green or black bin? You can request one here. The city provides one of each for free and will deliver it to your home.  

Launch of Phase 4 of the TMP Consultations and Public Engagement Event

The city is pleased to begin consultation on the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Part 2 following the approval of TMP Part 1 in 2023. TMP Part 2 will identify the transit and road projects that are needed to accommodate growth and achieve the city’s objectives for a healthy, livable city. It will also identify a subset of projects that are affordable within the city’s long-range financial plans, along with the corresponding timelines for implementation.

You are invited to review the Transportation Trends Report presenting the results of the 2022 Origin-Destination household travel survey. This survey provides a snapshot of residents’ daily travel, including trip origins and destinations, modes of travel, and trip purposes. Key findings are summarized in the Transportation Trends Highlights document. Finally, the Needs, Opportunities and Uncertainty Report discusses the implications of the Origin-Destination survey results on how the city plans its future transit and road networks. It also provides a summary of the approach that will be used for forecasting future travel activity in the next phase of the study. All three reports can be found in the Document Library on this page.

The city will host an online virtual engagement on Wednesday, June 26 from 6:00  to 8:00 pm. Please register for the event here.

Survey #1: Mapping transportation issues

Survey #2: Transportation Investment Priorities

In the coming months, work will continue on the TMP Part 2. This will include finalizing the travel forecasting model and identifying locations where transportation improvements are needed to support growth. The TMP team will then identify and evaluate transit and road projects; update the city’s future transportation networks; prioritize projects; and develop an implementation plan.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Alta Vista Transportation Corridor Update—Save the People’s Park

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) consultation process is one of the best opportunities we have to save the People’s Park (the well-used green space beside Springhurst Park between the Rideau River and Lees Avenue) from being destroyed to build a new four-lane freeway known as the planned Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC). Residents can advocate through this process for the portion of AVTC in Old Ottawa East to be removed from the TMP.

If we are to ensure the proposed AVTC is not built through loved greenspace in Old Ottawa East, we must get it out of the TMP now. The best way to support this effort beyond the TMP consultation process is to sign our new petition that calls on Ottawa City Council to remove the portion of the AVTC planned for Old Ottawa East from the TMP (background information about the AVTC can also be found at the link for the petition).

Your Capital Ward

Photo by Patricia Burnett

If you have a photo you’d like to share in an upcoming bulletin, please send it to [email protected], with the subject line Your Capital Ward. Please give us your name for attribution…or tell us if you’d rather not have your name shared.

Integrated Renewal of Ella and Ralph Streets

The City of Ottawa has initiated the preliminary design, detailed design and tender services for the renewal and replacement of the existing aging combined sewers and the watermains and road infrastructure on Ella Street and a portion of Ralph Street in the Glebe Community.

The aging combined sewers on Ella Street (from Gordon Street to Craig Street) and Ralph Street (from Fifth Avenue to Holmwood Avenue) require replacement due to poor condition. The watermains within the project limits also require replacement due to age, lead services and watermain breaks. On Ella Street, the watermain and sewer systems were installed in 1910. On Ralph Street, the sewers were installed in 1901 and 1949. There are two parallel watermains on Ralph Street, which were installed in 1895 and 1916.

As part of this watermain and sewer replacement project, full road reconstruction including curbs and sidewalks will be required on both streets. Efforts to manage implications to front yard landscaping and existing mature trees will be a project priority. 

Online Engagement Opportunity

The Integrated Renewal of Ella and Ralph Streets project will be holding a virtual public meeting and an online engagement opportunity in June to provide residents with an update on this project, allow you to review information about the project, and provide comments. 

The virtual public meeting is being held via Zoom on Wednesday June 26, 2024, at 6 pm.

Please register if you wish to participate.

Your feedback can also be submitted via the online form, by email or by phone to the contact below, between June 26 and July 10, 2024.

The proposed integrated renewals of Ella and Ralph streets include:

  • Design and construction of a new combined sewer on Ella Street and the north end of Ralph Street.
  • Design and construction of a new storm sewer on south end of Ralph Street.
  • Design and construction of a new watermain on Ella and Ralph streets including replacement of all existing water services to property limits.
  • Design and implement full road reconstruction including sidewalks and curbs on Ella and Ralph streets.
  • Design and implement raised crosswalks at Melgund Avenue and Thornton Avenue.
  • Design and implement of traffic calming measures per the City of Ottawa’s 30km/h toolbox, including curb extensions, speed humps, and narrowing Ralph Street to an 8.5m road width.

The current project schedule is as follows:

  • Design is expected to be completed in fall 2024
  • Construction is expected to start in spring 2025

New Civic Hospital—Public Engagement

As mentioned in our last bulletin, there will be a virtual open house on Monday June 24 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm on the connection between the new Civic Hospital campus and the Dow’s Lake LRT station Environmental Assessment (EA) Study. The purpose of the EA study is to investigate options for a safe and accessible pedestrian and cycling crossing of Carling Avenue, between Dow’s Lake Station and the parking garage of TOH New Campus Development.

Staff have now added a second consultation. This one will be held in person on Tuesday June 25 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm at Tom Brown Arena (141 Bayview Station Road).

The Open House information is available on the project webpage and to register for the Virtual Open House please visit or (No registration is necessary for the in-person meeting.)

Rum Ragged, Daniel James McFadyen, Mia Kelly Live at the OTLBC

On Sunday August 18, Red Bird will present Rum Ragged, Daniel James McFadyen and Mia Kelly at the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club.

This one-day, outdoor concert takes place on the beach volleyball courts of the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club at 176 Cameron Avenue. There will be food and beverage offerings by The Cameron, and by Saunders Cider.

Gates open at 4:30 pm

Music Starts at 5:00 pm

Music Ends at 9:00 pm

For tickets or more information, visit their website.

Climate Fresk Workshop

“Climate Fresk” is a citizens’ workshop that aims to raise awareness and understanding about climate change, and therefore to encourage positive actions at the personal and collective level. In just 3-hours, the workshop calls on participants’ collective and creative intelligence to identify the cause-effect relationships between different components of climate change.

The workshops are facilitated by Westboro resident Don Sproule and Glebe resident David Anderson.

The next workshop will be held at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre at 411 Dovercourt Avenue on Wednesday June 19 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

Admission fee by donation (suggested: $15). Ages 17+.

Click here to register.

Learn more at the Climate Fresk website:

Tewin Public Information Session

The 2022 Ottawa Official Plan introduced 445.35 hectares of land into the urban boundary to facilitate the creation of Tewin. The community planning and infrastructure design process for Tewin is advancing through an integrated Planning Act and Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process (Approach #3). The Transportation and Infrastructure Plans will identify the recommended on-site transportation, water, sanitary, and stormwater infrastructure required to service the new community.

Public consultation is a critical component of the Tewin planning and design process. The City of Ottawa and the Tewin project team will be hosting a drop-in style in-person Public Open House on Wednesday, June 19 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This event is an opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on the Tewin project and the study process, and view display panels illustrating the emerging conceptual community design strategies relating to parks and open spaces, land use, and mobility. Alternative solutions pertaining to municipal servicing (water, sanitary, and stormwater) and transportation will also be shared. Following the Open House, comments on the project will be reviewed along with input received from stakeholders and technical agencies. The information will be used to develop and evaluate alternatives for land uses and infrastructure needs. A future public meeting will be held to share more detailed design solutions as well as the draft preferred community plan for feedback during future phases of the process.

For more information, please visit

Parks & Facilities By-law Review

The City of Ottawa proudly oversees an extensive network of parkland covering an area roughly the size of 4,300 hectares (or 8,000 football fields) across 1,300 sites, as well as more than 100 recreational and cultural facilities.

The city is currently undertaking a review of the Parks and Facilities By-law(External link). This review is essential to ensure our indoor and outdoor recreational spaces continue to foster community engagement and provide opportunities for recreational and cultural activities that are inclusive, safe and accessible to all.

Participate in the online survey by Wednesday, July 31 to share your feedback.

Community Gardens and Community-Led Green Initiatives

The City of Ottawa is in the process of reviewing the Community Garden Action Plan and other community-led green initiatives in order to improve related services, programs, and resources for Ottawans. Hoffmann Hayes consultant team is working with the City of Ottawa to review and improve the process and is seeking input from community groups and individuals about the future of community gardens and green initiatives in Ottawa.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Attend a Virtual Community Garden or Green Initiatives Open House on:

Thursday, June 20 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Hear from other community members involved in community gardens, learn about the review process and contribute your ideas, input and feedback. This session will focus primarily on community gardens.

Tuesday, June 25, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Hear from other community members involved in green initiatives, learn about the review process and provide ideas, input and feedback. This session will focus primarily on green initiatives.

There will an opportunity for interested individuals and/or community groups to register for a chance to present their ideas, experiences, or stories during these events.

To register for either session and/or for the chance to present at a virtual open house register online the Engage Ottawa Live Platform.

  1. Online Survey (June 10 to July 7): Share your ideas, input, and feedback on community gardens and green initiatives through Engage Ottawa Live Survey.

Please visit Engage Ottawa starting June 10 to learn more about the Community Garden Action Plan and Community-Led Green Initiative review and update.

OWSL Free native plant giveaways this summer

The Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library (OWSL) be hosting three free native plant giveaways this summer in order to encourage residents to plant native to support wildlife, and also to support the rain-ready goals of the City of Ottawa as many of the native plants shared are excellent in putting down deep roots to improve drainage, and they also thrive in flood-to-dry conditions. 

  • Saturday, June 15: Springhurst Park from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (at the corner of Brunswick Street and Springhurst Avenue)
  • Saturday, July 6: Britannia Beach from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (at 102 Greenview Avenue, close to the Trolley Station)
  • Saturday, August 10: Springhurst Park from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (at the corner of Brunswick Street and Springhurst Avenue)

The Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library is an entirely volunteer-run, local grassroots organization that promotes gardening with native plants to provide food and habitat for bees, butterflies, insects, birds and other wildlife.

Visit the Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library website for more information about the plant giveaways ( or join the Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library Facebook group for updates about events and native plant gardening in the city. 



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