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Capital Ward Bulletin - November 18th

It’s snowy and the days are getting shorter...but the work keeps on going on at City Hall. We’ve got the budget, LRT, snow clearing and Lansdowne keeping us busy, these days.

Lansdowne Park Update

In the last newsletter, I wrote about some proposed changes for Lansdowne Park. This proposal would have given authority to city staff to strike a deal to hand over control of operation, rent control and programming of the “city side” of the park to OSEG.

Well, you all stepped up. Hundreds came to a community organized public consultation, opposing this move. Residents wrote to Councillors and the mayor. They showed up a rally we held before the Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) meeting, and then they came in and gave thoughtful, passionate delegations in defense of public space.

Capital Ward Bulletin - October 31st, 2019

Happy Hallowe’en!

I love Hallowe’en...and not just because I love candy. It’s one of those times when residents come together and take over the neighbourhood, in the spirit of community and festivity. I love seeing all the kids out in their costumes, excitedly running from door to door.

I hope everyone has a good night tonight, and a safe and fun Hallowe’en.

Tonight may be about trick-or-treating, but there’s still other things we need to talk about.

Protect Lansdowne Park Rally and Petition

The recent proposal from City staff to transfer operations, programming and city control of the remaining public space at Lansdowne. This is one more step towards privatization of this great public asset. Like many residents, I am very concerned about this proposal and the manner it is being rushed through City Hall.  

I have some concerns about this proposal and the current process being rushed through FEDCO and city council. 

Before the city enters into negotiations with the intent of relinquishing the control of the park, the problem statement should be clear, the public deserves to be consulted on a new vision for Lansdowne, and we deserve some answers. 

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