Flora Footbridge Opens This Weekend

"Pedestrians and cyclists in Ottawa should have another option for crossing the Rideau Canal by Canada Day.

Coun. Shawn Menard tweeted Monday that the Flora Footbridge, which connects Clegg Street in Old Ottawa East to Fifth Avenue in the Glebe, has a tentative opening of 5 p.m. Friday."

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Capital Ward Bulletin - June 20th

The school year is winding down and the Canada Day long weekend is almost upon us, but the city never stops! There are a number of items coming up in the next two weeks, so let’s dive right in.

Bank Street in the Glebe: Height and Character Study

The second public consultation for the Bank Street Height and Character Study is happening tonight at the Glebe Community Centre. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Come out and have a say on the future of this important street in our community.

Patterson Creek Bistro Open House

You may have heard about the National Capital Commission’s plans to create a Pop-Up Bistro in Patterson Creek. Crews showed up earlier this week to do some work in the park without warning. That work has been paused and the NCC is inviting the community to an information session on Monday June 24 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Patterson Creek.

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Vision Zero Motion

By Councillors McKenney and Menard

We have heard from many residents from across the city who are anxious to have a Vision Zero Policy implemented in the City of Ottawa.  As a result we have worked with staff on a revised motion to be debated at Council.  While there are revisions to the motion, if passed by Council, staff will be required to bring recommendations for a Vision Zero Policy to Committee and Council no later than Q42019. This would be a significant step forward in how we design and redesign our roadways to achieve zero deaths or catastrophic injuries.

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We're Hiring!

(PDF version here).

Councillor’s Assistant

Salary: $45,000 and excellent benefits package.

Job Summary:

Under the general direction of the City Councillor, the Councillor’s Assistant will help to organize, coordinate, and manage day-to-day operations of the Councillor’s Office.

The Councillor’s Assistant provides a comprehensive range of administrative services in support of the Councillor and the Councillor’s office, including support in communications and policy development, maintaining the Councillor’s calendar, triaging the ward e-mail account, answering phones, managing the office budget, and taking on case work within the Heron Park community.

This is a 12-18 month contract with a start date of July 8th.

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June 6th Capital Ward Bulletin

It has been an extremely busy time at city hall, please find an update below.

Pop-Up Office: I’ll be having a Pop-Up Office at Life of Pie (1134 Bank Street) Friday June 7 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Stop by for some coffee, a snack and a chat. RSVP here.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Motion: In the past year, the provincial government announced cuts to support for families with children on the autism spectrum. This is a short-sighted and damaging move by the province that will harm families and individuals in our city. This month, my motion to have Ottawa City Council ask the province to pause implementation of their cuts and to conduct proper public consultation with the communities affected was passed. With Ottawa, Toronto, and other municipalities, calling on the province to reconsider, we are optimistic that the province will hear us and the people we represent.

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Rental Accommodations Study - Public Consultations Underway

Public consultations for the Rental Accommodations Study have now been announced! This is a chance for people to have a say regarding Air B&B, student housing, 'bunkhouse' developments, and the need for landlord licensing!

Unfortunately, very little notice has been provided by the City's consultants: the first public consultation (on student housing and bunkhouses) takes place THIS Monday, May 27th, across the street from Billings Bridge (600-1355 Bank St). Register here: https://ottawa.ca/en/student-housing-workshop-1

The second consultation, on short-term rentals (e.g. Air B&B), will be taking place the following day, May 28th, at the Heron Road Community Centre (1480 Heron Rd). Register here: https://ottawa.ca/en/short-term-rental-workshop-1

Get involved in the public process and help shape our public policy. Landlords, developers, and corporations like Air B&B, have their boosters already signed up, so we need average folks to be there as well (spaces are 'limited', so register without delay).

The full list of consultations ('workshops') is available at the link below, as are links to the online surveys:


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City Council Passes Declaration of Climate Emergency

Today, Ottawa city council took the important step of passing Capital Ward Councillor Shawn Menard’s motion to declare a climate emergency. Ottawa now joins Halifax, Vancouver, Hamilton, Kingston, Richmond, Edmunston, NB, and a host of cities around the world who have formally recognized the ever-growing threat of climate change.

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Update on Derelict Buildings

Many of you will recall that dealing with the ‘West Coast Video’ eyesore in Old Ottawa South, and derelict buildings broadly in Ottawa, was a major campaign issue for us during the 2018 election. We have been making progress on this file. Our office has been working with City staff to ensure that existing regulation is enforced on the West Coast Video site--hence the recent removal of signage--but we are also pushing for further reforms that would make the long-term maintenance of vacant and derelict buildings untenable going forward. 

Through working with City staff and other councillors, we expect to see a bylaw review of the regulation of derelict buildings make it into the Community and Protective Services Committee's (CPSC) bylaw review work plan which will be voted on in August. We have reason to suspect that this item will be prioritized in the work plan, and our allies will be ready to intervene with a motion if it is not. Previous reforms have not gone far enough, as buildings like the West Coast Video building remain in place, and so our office is pushing for the City to review and consult on the possible implementation of a permit system (similar to the one that exists in Winnipeg) that will see property owners pay an increasingly large sum of money to the City the longer that they allow these properties to lay dormant. The bylaw review is the next step toward having such a system implemented here in Ottawa.

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PSA - Brantwood Park Flooding

Image result for brantwood park ottawa

Please see the following PSA from the City of Ottawa:

Keep children away from flooded wading pools and play structures

OTTAWA --- The City of Ottawa is asking residents to ensure that children are kept away from City wading pools and play structures located near a river.   A rise in water levels, particularly of the Rideau River, has resulted in water backups in at least one wading pool and three park areas with significant water in the play structure area.   The water in the pool cannot be drained: it is two to three feet deep and poses a hazard to young children. The water in the park play areas have standing water which is approximately 4-6” deep and also poses a hazard to young children.

The pool in question is: Strathcona Wading Pool, corner of Laurier Avenue East and Range Road.

The parks in question are: Riverain Park (N River Road, Sandy Hill Area), Brantwood Park (Onslow Crescent and Burnham Rd) and Strathcona Park (Corner of Laurier Ave East and Range Road).

Our office has also received reports that basements have been flooding in the area. Our office has reached out to City staff and have been informed that staff is clearing catch basins in the area to help ameliorate the situation.

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Motion Declaring a Climate Emergency


Ottawa— On April 16, Capital Ward Councillor Shawn Menard will present a motion at the Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management declaring a climate emergency. If this motion is approved by the committee and city council, Ottawa will join Halifax, Vancouver, Hamilton, Kingston, Richmond and Edmunston, NB, as Canadian cities declaring climate emergencies. 

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